Orlean Invest Scholarship Essays

Lifting Gear Hire (lgh-usa.com) and Industrial Training International (iti.com) are proud to announce the first recipient of the Fundamentals of Rigging EngineeringScholarship. The scholarship is worth up to $12,000, and will allow the winner to complete the ASME approved, and LEEA accredited program in full.

The 2016 Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering Scholarship was open to all professionals in the lifting and hoisting industry, with the winner determined by representatives from LGH and ITI. The scholar was selected on the basis of their response to three essay questions.

  1. Please describe your current role and function in regards to rigging and load handling work.
  2. Please describe your professional aspirations.
  3. Please describe what you hope to gain from this training program.

The final scholarship pool included 185 applicants, representing 19 countries, 41 U.S. States, and 4 Canadian provinces. Entries came from a number of different industries including - construction, engineering, crane & rigging service providers, energy, government, manufacturing, mining, media, nuclear, oil & gas, power generation, rigging distribution, transportation, and trade unions. The scholarship pool revealed a large array of job titles including – Boilermaker, Construction Engineer, Crane & Rigging Superintendent, Crane Operator, Crane Tech, Electrician, Field Mechanical Engineer, General Foreman, Heavy Lift Engineer, Iron Worker, Mechanical Engineer, Millwright, Nuclear Field Service Account Manager, Pipefitter, Project Engineer, Rigger Foreman, Safety Manager, Site Lifting Coordinator, and Warehouse Manager.

Christina Lanham, Director of Operations at ITI, oversees the company’s E-Learning Department and summed up the inaugural Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering Scholarship thusly, “ITI’s mission is, ‘We exist to serve and learn everyday’ and the applicants for this year’s scholarship reflected this as well. So many wanted to take this program not only for their own personal benefit, but for that of the organizations with whom they are employed. We are proud to work with Lifting Gear Hire to recognize and assist one of these applicants in their pursuit of professional development.”

Although there is only one 2016 scholarship recipient, the scholarship board would like to recognize 10 finalists for their submissions and their unquestionable commitment to better the industry as a whole. LGH will provide a small gift to each of the finalists as a token of their appreciation for the dedication, time and effort put into the application.

  • Charles Myers, Austin Industries
  • Nick Matteo, Pro Crane
  • Ken Jacoby, BP
  • Walter “Scott” Paul, BP Alaska
  • Tyler Yeakle, Wood Group
  • Mathew Lui, PCL
  • Eser Usta, Bechtel Enka G.P.
  • Teja Gonuguntla, Baker Cranes
  • Karl Conley, Entergy
  • Abimbola Akintoye-Dosumu, Orlean Invest West Africa

Lifting Gear Hire and ITI have the honor of congratulating the 2016 Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering Scholarship Recipient, Ryan Murphy of Alltec.

"Everyone at Lifting Gear Hire wishes to congratulations Ryan Murphy of Altec. We would also like to thank the many others that took time to consider and craft essays for consideration of this scholarship. Believe me, it was a very difficult decision, and all that participated should be very proud of themselves for applying, and for their career achievements and aspirations. I have reviewed ITI’s Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering Program and believe it to be a very fine and robust learning resource for those that are able to invest in themselves and employees. This program is designed in effort to create a more knowledgeable employee and safer environment for those within our great industry. Further, I have met and developed relationships with many of the instructors. Nowhere else can you find this type of invaluable information, in one place, on your time and that is recognized by ASME. I look forward to seeing Ryan’s development through this course. Congratulation, again!" Patrick Clark, National Rental Support Manager, Lifting Gear Hire.

Lifting Gear Hire is the single largest organization in North America devoted exclusively to the provision of lifting and moving equipment for rent. LGH maintains the most comprehensive inventory of hoisting, rigging, jacking, pulling, material handling, and safety equipment. Learn more at www.lgh-usa.com.

Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering is a program created for personnel who plan and oversee lifting and load handling activities including Lift Planners, Crane & Rigging Managers, and Engineers. The Program is approved by ASME for continuing education units (CEUs) in compliance with the IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training) standard.

The unique program delivery method is powered by an online learning management system which showcases instructor lectures, quizzes, workshops, and exams with live instructor-led learning options available. Instruction is delivered through the aforementioned vehicles by over 20 of the world’s finest rigging engineers with experience from influential industry leading organizations.

Please contact info@iti.com or 800.727.6355 with questions about the Rigging Engineering Scholarship, Lifting Gear Hire, or the Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering Program.

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