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  1. Read our 2017 guide to reviews and remarks here.

    So it happened. All year I've been predicted at least an A in Music and my teachers said I've got chances to get an A*. Had a good A in AS.
    Got a B in a-level, need 4 UMS marks for an A.

    My performance scored 88/90 which is very good (marked by the college), but I have a distinction in grade 8 so I was super confident about that part.

    My composition and technical study got... a C.
    Even though two teachers checked my composition before I had to submit it and said it was very good and I should get at least an A or even an A*.
    And I've done about 100 technical exercises this year and NEVER had a C, 95% of time it was a very good A with 0-2 minor errors. I've got grade 8 in music theory and my A-level result doesn't make sense since I did grade 8 only 4 days before that without any preparation (as I had 7 exams that week!) and grade 8 theory is much harder than any of the a-level stuff...

    And finally I got a C for my written paper.
    Wrote hundreds of essays this year... Ended up getting full marks for most of them before the exam.

    Had an A for a mock without any revision. And before the exam I spent a whole day learning given that I knew the stuff before. My teachers are very very good so I don't have any doubt that I was taught properly, I will always be thankful to these amazing people...

    Applied to get a priority script for the written paper and a priority remark for the Composition and Technical studies.
    And now I'm absolutely terrified not to get that A or even to lose marks...

    How long will the priority remark take? And what do you think my chances are?

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  2. Edexcel priority re-marks normally take 2 days or less - we had some Economics non-priority re-marks back in under 3 hours this morning.
    (Original post by LaMusica)
    How long will the priority remark take? And what do you think my chances are?

  3. I've just sent my History paper back for remarking - like you, I'd achieved A/A* in all my mocks throughout the year, only to receive 65% in the exam! Doesn't really add up to be honest, because I was quite confident coming out of the exam hall.

    I've been told that priority remarks take a maximum of 18 days (to get the papers back before the UCAS deadline of 31st August), can take as little as 2 days, but my teacher estimated that my remark would be back by Wednesday. I submitted it this morning.

Removal of OPTEMS

In order to help increase security, and also allow more time for centres to process and submit their centre assessed marks, from Summer 2017 we will only be allowing centres to submit those marks online; via Edexcel Online or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

This will be in keeping with other Awarding Organisations, and will offer the following advantages:

  • you will be able to submit marks right up to the deadline
  • a reduction in the amount of paper being sent through the system, and stored in centres
  • it will eliminate the risk of OPTEMS being lost or damaged in the post
  • Edexcel Online will display the latest allocated moderator details, capturing any late changes

If your teaching staff usually complete their own OPTEMS forms, please see the guide below on how you can give senior teachers or Heads of Department the relevant access to Edexcel Online to complete their own electronic submissions.

The only exception to this change will be for Entry Level Certificate (Academic) which will continue to have marks submitted via OPTEMS, as these qualifications are not on Edexcel Online.


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