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The Arizona Soccer Camp offers a variety of sessions to challenge players. Campers are grouped by age and ability, on teams under the supervision of our professional staff. With twice a day technical training, campers also participate in scrimmages each evening to integrate their newly learned skills into real game situations.

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona, has served as the home for the Arizona Soccer Camp since 2007. The site’s 5,400 feet altitude makes it the perfect facility for preseason training. The campus has everything needed to operate a soccer training program at the highest level. Camp consists of a full week of training, games, and fun challenges. There are penalty kick competitions, Soccer Olympics, Super Soccer, and the Styro-Cup Challenge. At the end of the week, each camper sits down with their coach and receives a written evaluation to help prepare for the new season. Free time is filled with a swim in the campus pool or a visit to the recreation room to play some ping-pong, Foosball, or compete on the camp's video games. Our campers have won high school championships, state cups, NCAA, NAIA, and junior college national championships. They have also competed on state select, USYSA regional, U.S. Junior National, and U.S. World Cup teams. Our coaching staff has included 34 college coaches, 23 foreign professional players, and 17 American pros.

What's included in the fee?

Overnight Campers: Professional coaching and instruction on grass fields, all meals, on-campus housing, supervision and evening activities.  Staff members reside in campers’ quarters and participate in all activities.

Extended Day Campers 8:30am-8pm: Professional coaching and instruction, lunch, dinner and evening activities. All sessions are open to day campers. Day campers arrive ay 8:30am and leave at 8pm each day. Lunch and dinner are included.

Basic Soccer Training

These sessions are perfect for players, ages 8-10, in their first three years of playing. The emphasis here is fun! Our goal is for our youngest campers to learn to love the game so that they can’t wait for their next practice or game. At this age, players should learn the correct techniques that will serve as a base for the rest of their careers. Skills are taught using fun games, drills, and scrimmages under the supervision of our staff coaches. Young players also get their first taste of living in a dorm with other players. They are supervised by adult counselors who help make sure that week safe and enjoyable

Advanced Players

When you are at least 10 years old and have learned the basics, then you are ready for the Advanced Session. Some of the best junior players from Arizona and other states will be there and you can be part of the action. Advanced sessions continue the process of skill development. Tactical awareness is also taught to help players increase their speed of play and vision. On Friday morning every camper has a meeting with their coach and receives a full written evaluation. This evaluation offers a  review of the camper’s progress and makes suggestions for improvement in technical and tactical areas.

High School Players

We welcome players who are at least 14 years old and entering ninth grade. College counseling sessions are held to help campers gather the information they need to become college soccer players. These sessions include: how to contact coaches, financial aid and scholarships, forum with college coaches, and forum with current college players who are former campers. The week ends when we bring in a DJ and have a camp dance and pizza party. On Thursday morning, every camper has a meeting with their coach and receives a  written evaluation. This evaluation gives a review of the camper’s progress and makes suggestions for improvement in technical and tactical areas.


The Arizona Soccer Camp offers total keeper coaching that includes the technical, tactical, and psychological training you need. Demonstrations and drills are used to reinforce skills; but the real benefits come from the competitions, small sided scrimmages, and full games against field players. There are separate groups for 10-13 year-olds and high school players. Keepers and field players train in their specialty during the day and scrimmage together in the evening. By the end of the week our coaches will have you getting to crosses that you couldn’t touch before and saving shots that you thought were unstoppable.

Session Information

Check-in: between 1:00-2:30pm for residential campers and between 2:00-2:30pm for day and extended day campers.
Check-out: Styro-Cup competition starts at 3:30 pm, and parents are invited to watch. Camp ends at 4:30-4:45 pm.

Can parents visit during the camp week? 

Some parents visit their children during the week. If you visit, make sure to check with a camp staff member to let someone know that you are on the campus. The staff person can tell you where the campers are on campus at any given time. After dark, visitors will be stopped by campus security and must show identification.


Group Discounts:

If you have a group of five or more campers registering for the same camp, each camper is eligible for a $30 discount. 

To register a group online: Please have one person contact the USSC office with the names of each camper in the group at 1-800-645-3226 to create a unique discount code. Campers may then register individually through the website at their convenience and apply the offer code during check out.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.What happens after I enroll?  
Within 24-48 hours of enrollment you receive an email confirmation containing your session details, payment information, and confirmation number. As we get closer to the start date of camp, we send you another email with a detailed registration packet attached. The registration packet contains all the information you will need for camp including check-in and check-out information, a full packing list, health forms, campus map, etc.

2.How are the coaches selected?  
Our staff is composed of college coaches and players and pro players who are recommended by current or former staff. They are all experienced coaches with outstanding playing and coaching credentials. Most are teachers who have extensive background checks by their state department of education.

3.How are training groups selected?  
On Sunday afternoon we divide the camp by gender and by age. The coaches evaluate and place in a group of players about your age and ability. Any questions about the groups is answered by the director. If you came with a team, you stay together to train, except your keeper who practices with the other keepers during the day and scrimmage with you at night.

4. What do the goalkeepers do?  Their training is specific to goalkeepers and totally different than practice for field players.

5.Can I have the roommate of my choice?
  Yes, if you two request each other and understand that there are separate dorms for boys and girls. It does get impossible when five campers all want the same person in their room. We try to put you near your friends. The dorms are also split by age so campers of similar ages are on the same floor.

6.Who looks out for me in the dorms if I need some help?  
There are adult counselors on each floor, steps away from your room.  The camp coaches also live in the dorm so there are plenty of adults around.

7.If I have questions during the camp, whom do I see?
  The coaches and counselors are happy to help you. You can also contact the director who makes every effort to help. There is also a head counselor who's full time job is to help campers with their needs and answer their questions.

8.Can I eat anything I want at meals?  
Yes, with a few exceptions; no sodas at breakfast for example. You need protein, carbohydrates, and a lot of water to perform at a high level. This is your chance to show some maturity by choosing those foods that are good and good for you. If you have questions, ask any of the coaches.

9.Can parents eat meals with their kids?  
Visiting parents can eat with the campers but they will need to connect with the cafeteria staff to pay for their own meals.

10.Can campers call home/can I call my son or daughter?  
Some of the campers come with cell phones. Campers are free to use them at any time, except during training sessions. Campers have limited use at night to help prevent keeping others awake after lights out. There are phones available in each dorm for campers. At check in, you receive the phone number for the head counselor. If you need to reach a camper or a counselor, you can leave a message. You get a call back as soon as possible.

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 8:00amBreakfast
  • 8:30amDay campers arrive
  • 9:00amField session
  • 11:00amFree time
  • 12:00pmLunch
  • 2:00pmField session
  • 4:05pmFree time - swimming
  • 5:30pmDinner
  • 6:30pmCompetitions and games
  • 8:00pmExtended day campers depart
  • Indoor soccer, movies and rec room free time
  • 10:00pmDorm meeting, snacks and lights out


The campus has a large lighted grass field for training and games. The field has thick grass that is well maintained by the college staff. Adjacent to the field are two sand volleyball courts that can be used for goalkeeper training or just a casual free time game of sand soccer. Lights on the field allow for added time in the evening for scrimmages. Rest room facilities are next to the field. The camp also provides a Certified Athletic Trainer at the field to professionally treat any injuries that may occur.

Campers live in the modern air-conditioned dorm on the college campus. Campers are housed two per room. Each suite has a refrigerator for keeping drinks cold. Each suite of three rooms has its own bathroom and shower facilities. The dorms also have laundry facilities.  

Dining Hall
The new dining hall on campus provides three meals each day prepared by Sodexo Food Services. Choices include: salad bar, sandwich central, hamburgers and pizza. There is always a choice of main courses and there are Italian and Mexican food nights. The dining hall can also accommodate vegetarian and gluten free diets. Ice water is available at every meal so campers can fill their water containers and take them to the field to have iced water during training sessions. The campers also get evening snacks before lights out.

Student Union
As part of the boarding campers’ evening recreation program, you can choose to go the Embry Riddle’s Student Union. The facility has TV’s video games, air hockey, pool tables, ping pong, and Foosball.


50 Coaches Guaranteed

Our "Academic 50" ID Camp is an intensive 3-day non-residential college training camp for rising 8th – 12th graders. The event is geared toward high-achieving student-athletes (3.0+) looking to play college soccer at a strong academic school. As the name "Academic 50" suggests, the camp will feature a coaching staff of 50 college coaches from top academic college programs all over the country.

Over the course of the three days:

Players are equipped with the skills and resources needed, on and off the field, to achieve success on the next level. Personal interaction with college coaches is emphasized from start to finish. Players work with college coaches in training and gameplay, as well as in small group workshops off the field, and they’ll even spend time interacting informally during lunch.

Players also learn from EXACT’s mental training curriculum to develop the mental approach needed for the next level. Off the field, players will participate in sessions on the college recruiting process to learn how the recruiting process works and how to get themselves recruited.

Each player receives a one-on-one evaluation from a college coach at the conclusion of camp, as well as a personal Development Plan to continue growth after camp. Overall, this event is a really great opportunity to build relationships with a ton of coaches, develop your skills as a player, and understand what it is going to take to play at that higher level.


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